We always read and hear that the most important thing in electronic content is that it must be compatible with SEO search engines, because SEO is the most important factor in providing good and beautiful content that attracts visitors to the site, in addition to the format that it depends on it is defined by Google and gives you positive results, so we will address in Today's report is all you need to know about SEO.

Definition of SEO
SEO is the archive of Google search engines, meaning that you write a topic and then it appears in Google search engines, so you will have taken the first steps of SEO.
And after you have archived your topic in the search engines, you have to work on increasing the results, and this step requires other factors, including ..

Factors of the rise in Google search results
1- The most important factors for the rise in the results is to provide content to the visitor and not to Google, meaning that you must write sound and useful content that contains various information in order to convince the visitor of the quality and sincerity of your site with this when Google indicated to the website owners at the point of writing the topic for the visitor than it is for the search spiders to agree. The visitor must be satisfied with you Google.